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Dear Fellows and guests,

It is a great honour and a pleasure to welcome you all to 2016 Milan 61st annual meeting of the European section of the International College of Dentists. The whole world knows Italy as the cradle of art and good food, the traditions that blend with the pleasures and enjoyment of life: the same traditions that are our strength and our engine. On this background we are building a meeting where the moments of pleasure will interact with those of learning, science and opportunities.

That is why I want to involve you in our project for 2016.

A conference that it is open to fellows and non-fellows. A symposium in which to expand your knowledge and broaden your horizons. For this, we have selected a scientific program, perhaps a bit unusual, but, in our opinion worthy of your interest. Considering that we are a College, not a scientific society, and therefore a large group of scientific, cultural and professional specialties, we have created a scientific day that would provide each participant, regardless of its specific discipline of belonging, something new and interesting. Something that it is worth to be heard, something that would lead you to stay in the room. We have selected those who can help us improve not only as dentists, but, as human beings and professionals: experts who are able to develop in our elective affinities and skills that have remained dormant. This is because our international event will not only be a great moment of conviviality but also an opportunity for cultural and scientific growth to justify the effort, also economic, to be present. The background of this revolutionary and, at the same time, traditional meeting is worthy of the most beautiful and dreamed Italy, of great museums and “dolce vita”, where beauty blends with tradition and the colours have the taste of great memories and good food. It is with great fervency and joy that I hope to see you all in Italy in 2016. To be able to share with you the traditions which we wanted to marry to innovation. Hoping you too can be the protagonists of the movie that we are writing, a collegial greeting.

Corrado Paganelli, President ICD-Europe 2016

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